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What to Expect

Chiropractic care aimed at restoring function, improving pain, stimulating the nervous system & promoting overall health and wellness for you and your entire family.
No long treatment plans. No hassels.

All with never having to leave your home or office.

Your First Session

Dr. Elliot wants to make your experience as thorough and convenient as possible! Prior to your appointment, you will complete the New Member Intake form that will cover your past medical history, your current complaints, and your goals of care. Completing the necessary forms ahead of your appointment will streamline the intake process so that Dr. Elliot has more time to complete his comprehensive assessment and more time for treatment.

Please be prepared to move by wearing comfortable clothing.

Your assessment may consist of vitals, range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, neuro-muscular testing, gait analysis, and/or posture and movement screenings. It will also include a "hands-on" portion that allows the Doctor to feel for areas of joint dysfunction, muscle spasm, tight & tender muscles, and trigger points/"muscle knots." Please allow for 60 minutes for your initial assessment.

Dr. Elliot will walk you through all of his assessments, explaining the significance of what he's testing for, what his findings are, and how he can help. Dr. Elliot will educate you not only about how he can help, but with ways to take control of your overall health with home exercises, nutrition, and more!

If your assessment has any "Red-Flags," or if Dr. Elliot feels that diagnostic imaging is necessary, he will refrain from treatment and refer you to the appropriate facility or provider. It isn't uncommon to experience some minor soreness following your first adjustment for 24-48hrs. The minor soreness is similar to that of a new workout, areas that weren't moving properly before are now moving, and it takes time and consistency to train your brain and your body to function at their best! 

Family Time

Your Health is a Journey - Let Compass be Your Guide

Follow-Up Sessions

After your initial session, and depending on initial findings, follow-up sessions will consist of adjustments and any other recommended hands-on therapies such as cupping, IASTM, myofascial release, K-laser therapy, corrective exercises, or even acupuncture. Dr. Elliot will check-in before and after each session to assess your progress, see how you are responding to treatments, and adjust therapy as needed. 

Everyone is different and the amount of time it takes one person to retrain their bodies may differ from that of another. Depending on your symptoms and goals, sessions may be more frequent and include more therapies at the start of your health journey. You may feel better after your first session, but consistency will help to correct the underlying cause and yield the best, fastest results.  While some may require more active treatment, and others less, our main goal is to get you better as quickly as possible and then focus on prevention and overall wellness. Once you are feeling better, chiropractic care can help to maintain your overall health with wellness adjustments that can vary from once a week, to once a month, to once every 3 months. Continued care really depends on your current and long-term health goals, for most that is to prevent further issues, correct them before they become chronic problems, and make sure your body is functioning at its best!


Dr. Elliot is excited to be your guide on your health journey!

For a full list of Services and their Benefits, please navigate to our  Services page.

See our Pricing page for more information for session options and pricing.

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