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Cancellation Policy

  1. We require a 24-hour cancellation notice for our services.

  2. The Doctor plans his mobile route to based on distance and zones to enhance efficiency and time treating practice members. Short notice cancellations are usually hard to rebook, and that is time that could have been used treating/traveling to other practice members.

  3. Due to the value that each appointment has, any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment will have a cancellation fee of $25 applied to the account. Even if your appointment is the next day, it is still required that you cancel prior to 24 hours of your appointment. Please either email, text, or call to cancel your appointment.

  4. If the doctor is on the way or arrives to the visit location and the appointment is canceled or the patient is not the treatment location, the full cost of the visit will be charged.

  5. All accounts must have a card on file, for the cancellation fee to be applied to. If there is no card on file, or if the card on file declines payment, no future appointments will be booked until the outstanding balance has been paid.

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